Aussie Add-ons: Liberating Australian catch-up TV with Open Source

Presented by Andy Botting, Glenn Guy
Thursday 3:50 p.m.–4:35 p.m. in Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28
Target audience: Community


All of the major free-to-air Australian TV channels are providing on-demand catch-up TV streams, and some even provide access to live streaming, but access to these services requires using a web browser, mobile app or a supported proprietary smart TV. In this talk, we present the Aussie Add-ons project (formerly known as XBMC Catch-up TV AU). This project aims to develop add-ons for the excellent Open Source Kodi Media Centre platform to support all the major free-to-air TV channels and others including AFL, NRL and Bigpond Video. We will look into the history of the project, delve into some of the techniques used to reverse engineer streaming websites and mobile apps and look at some of the challenges we face, including DRM.

Presented by

Andy Botting

Andy has been working with Linux and Open Source since the late 90s and hasn't looked back. He started out getting in trouble with university network admins, then went on to play with high performance computers. After spending some time doing contacting work in the UK with some big names like BSkyB and The Guardian, he's now working with the University of Melbourne on a national OpenStack cloud platform.

Glenn Guy

Glenn first tried his hand at programming in BASIC at age 7, but didn't discover his passion for it until much later in life. He has been hacking away at Python for the last few years, mainly developing add-ons for the popular open source Kodi media player software.