What is the most common street name in Australia?

Presented by Rachel Bunder
Thursday 11:40 a.m.–12:25 p.m. in Green Theatre CB07.02.25
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Finding the most common street name in Australia may sound relatively simple, but it quickly leads to other questions. What is a street name? Do The Avenue, The Grand Parade and The Serpentine all share the same name? And what is a street? Is the M5 Motorway a street? What about M5 Motorway Offramp? This talk will answer these questions using Open Street Map (OSM) data. We'll be having a look at what OSM is and how we can use it. We will discuss what different methods for defining streets and street names. And finding out what the most common street name in Australia is.

Presented by

Rachel Bunder

Rachel is a Data Scientist. She currently is at Solar Analytics where her primary focus is helping homeowners make the best use of their solar energy. Rachel generally has a few side projects going on including creating twitter bots, crocheting space shuttles and Napoleonic reenactment. She is also an organiser for Sydney Python and Sydney PyLadies and an enthusiastic member of Geek Girls Sydney.