Making distributed storage easy: usability in Ceph Luminous and beyond

Presented by Sage Weil
Friday 1:40 p.m.–2:25 p.m. in Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405
Target audience: User


Distributed storage is complicated, and historically Ceph hasn't spent a lot of time trying to hide that complexity, instead focusing on correctness, features, and flexibility. There has been a recent shift in focus to simplifying and streamlining the user/operator experience so that the information that is actually important is available without the noise of irrelevant details. Recent feature work has also focused on simplifying configurations that were previously possible but required tedious configuration steps to manage. This talk will cover the key new efforts in Ceph Luminous that aim to simplify and automate cluster management, as well as the plans for upcoming releases to address longstanding Cephisms that make it "hard" (e.g., choosing PG counts).

Presented by

Sage Weil

Sage originally designed Ceph as part of his PhD research at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Since then he has worked to build an open source community around the project to provide a robust and stable object, block, and file storage solution that is free as in speech and beer. Sage co-founded Inktank in 2012, serving as CTO, and now works for Red Hat where he continues to lead the Ceph development community.