A division of labor in free software

Presented by Molly de Blanc
Friday 1:40 p.m.–2:25 p.m. in Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Target audience: Community


We like to think that diversity has increased over time--contributors have stuck around as they age, students are excited to get started, initiatives are making space for people of color, trans* individuals, women, and other groups underrepresented in free software. We like to think we are doing better at recognizing the wide range of contributions and that more people are getting involved from all spheres of skill type, level, and experience. But is this true? Molly de Blanc, a free software activist with a fondness for numbers and data, analyzed the results from four community surveys from 2003, 2013, 2016, and 2017 (as well as other bits of data around the internet). With fourteen (incomplete) years of community data, she'll attempt to quantify the ways the make up of free software has changed, where we're not doing as well as we'd like, and how we can do better.

Presented by

Molly de Blanc

Molly de Blanc is a free software activist from Somerville, Massachusetts (USA). She is a campaigns manager at the Free Software Foundation. In her free time, she served on the board of directors of the Open Source Initiatve. When not reading, writing, organizing, and talking about digital rights, user freedom, and the role of technology in our lives, she likes to bike, climb, drink coffee, hang out with her cat, and play bassoon.