Budget CNC machining

Presented by Ben Martin
Thursday 1:40 p.m.–2:25 p.m. in Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28
Target audience: User


Turning a budget $600 chinese 3040 CNC into a monster that eats 1/2 inch 6061 alloy for lunch. Why you shouldn't be intimidated by upgrading a CNC to run open firmware and be more capable and extend the software interface to the machine. Along the way replace the controller which wanted a parallel port with a SmoothieBoard running open source firmware on a cortex-m microcontroller, build server software to allow MQTT machine control opening the door to MQTT remote controls and MQTT over WebSockets bootstrap web interfaces. The big gulp situation of one way butchering the original spindle mount when you upgrade to a 2.2kw, 24krpm cutter. The more advanced upgrades to completely replace the z axis assembly to gain more travel in the lead up to 4 and 5 axis machining. Some might say that managing file lists and cut jobs with MQTT is a contortion of the technology, but if it's useful and it works then why not?

Presented by

Ben Martin

Ben has a long background in file systems and indexing. His PhD was about creating search/browse spaces using Formal Concept Analysis. He has worked on many ODF related projects, hacked on FontForge for a number of years and is now working on FileSender to allow academics to securely share files up to 100gb with their research team.