Next Generation Config Mgmt: Reactive Systems

Presented by James Shubin
Wednesday 3:50 p.m.–4:35 p.m. in Green Theatre CB07.02.25
Target audience: Developer


Mgmt is a next gen config management tool that takes a fresh look at existing automation problems. Three of the main design features of the tool include: * Parallel execution * Event driven mechanism * Distributed architecture The tool has two main parts: the engine, and the language. This presentation will demo both and include many interactive examples showing you how to build reactive, autonomous, real-time systems. Finally we'll talk about some of the future designs we're planning and make it easy for new users to get involved and help shape the project. A number of blog posts on the subject are available. Attendees are encouraged to read some before the talk if they want a preview!

Presented by

James Shubin

James is a DevOps/Config mgmt. hacker and physiologist from Montreal, Canada. He often goes by @purpleidea on the internet, and writes "The Technical Blog of James". He works for Red Hat researching and prototyping around automation engineering. He started a Next Generation Config Management project called mgmt. He studied Physiology at university and sometimes likes to talk about cardiology.