Getting Started with MicroPython

Presented by Nick Moore
Wednesday 10:45 a.m.–12:25 p.m. in Large POD Room CB11.04.400
Target audience: Developer


MicroPython is a Python3 for resource constrained systems, allowing you to develop IoT software in a pleasant high-level language and run it on a cheap microcontroller. We'll look at: * installing MicroPython on ESP8266 and ESP32 * inputs and outputs * networking * multiprocessing * building MicroPython from source * contributing to MicroPython You'll need something to run MicroPython on. If you made your own LoliBot at the Open Hardware Miniconf, bring that, otherwise we have a limited number of ESP8266 modules available to purchase as part of your LCA ticket (under "extras"). Bring your own MicroUSB cable! More information at:

Presented by

Nick Moore

Nick has been hooked on technology since the Apple ][ and working in tech has failed to curb his enthusiasm. He is a contributor to the MicroPython project and coordinates the Melbourne MicroPython meetup group.