Future Technological Directions in Bitcoin

Presented by Rusty Russell
Wednesday 4:45 p.m.–5:30 p.m. in Great Hall CB01.05.009
Target audience: Developer


Bitcoin has no such reliable record like LWN (and a huge number of unreliable ones!), so it's near-impossible to keep up with the flow of ideas from prototypes, academic research and development into the Bitcoin ecosystem. From outside it may seem like nothing is happening, but it's simply never been laid out in one place. This talk delivers hard-won insight based on years of working with core developers and coders which you won't get anywhere else, and is delivered by someone passionate about the technology and uninterested in the drama.

Presented by

Rusty Russell

Rusty is a long-time FOSS hacker who switched from full time Linux kernel work to working on Bitcoin (aka "blockchain technology") two years ago. His current employer is the startup Blockstream, where he works on developing the standards for the Lightning Protocol on top of Bitcoin. He lives in Adelaide with his wife and three children, who are fairly bored of hearing him talk about Bitcoin...