Using GStreamer

Presented by Jan Schmidt
Wednesday 3:50 p.m.–5:30 p.m. in Large POD Room CB11.04.400
Target audience: Developer


The GStreamer framework is a widely used and comprehensive multimedia processing system. It works cross-platform on Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows and iOS. The flexibility of its pipeline model caters for a very large number of use cases. This tutorial is about how GStreamer works to process multimedia, and how to harness it for various tasks. This tutorial will provide: * An introduction to GStreamer terms, usage and the GStreamer pipeline model. * An overview of a few of the many places GStreamer is used * How to build your own GStreamer pipelines for playing, converting, editing and streaming media. * Look at the requirements for various types of processing elements: Data sources, sinks, filters, converters. * Using GStreamer in applications for custom processing and manipulation of data flow.

Presented by

Jan Schmidt

Jan Schmidt is a director of Centricular, a Free Software consultancy built by GStreamer maintainers, and provides cross-platform multimedia and graphics expertise. He's been a GStreamer developer since 2003. When not writing Free Software, he likes to spend time with his family on their miniature farm, build robots, 3D printers and quadcopters, experiment with new technology, and learn to play music. He lives outside Wodonga, Victoria.