Broadcom's Open Source Graphics Stack

Presented by Eric Anholt
Friday 1:40 p.m.–2:25 p.m. in Great Hall CB01.05.009
Target audience: Community


Two years ago at LCA, Eric presented a new Mesa 3D driver ("vc4") for the Raspberry Pi, full of hope for replacing the closed source graphics software on the platform. Now, the closed source 3D has been successfully replaced, and the closed source modesetting is on its way out as well. The first part of the talk will cover the state of the Raspberry Pi graphics situation and what there is left to do. However, Eric has a new project now: the "vc5" graphics driver for Broadcom's next generation of graphics chips in their set top boxes. The new driver has learned some lessons from the last few years of development, and builds on the strong cross-driver compiler foundation in Mesa. He will present initial results of building an open source Mesa OpenGL ES 3.x and Vulkan driver for these new chips.

Presented by

Eric Anholt

Eric got started on open source graphics drivers by trying to play quake on 3DFX and NVIDIA graphics cards back before DRI was even around. He joined Intel's fledgling graphics team after college, and experienced its growth from a 2-person afterthought at the company to the state of the art project it is today. When Broadcom released the source code to a vc4 graphics driver in 2014, he saw an opportunity and made the switch to work for them on building a fast and secure Mesa driver for the Raspberry Pi.