Clockwork Control of your 2 Wheel Robot

Presented by Mike O'Connor
Monday 2:30 p.m.–2:55 p.m. in Large POD Room CB11.04.400
Target audience: User


So you have Open Hardware Miniconf 2 Wheel Robot, but your not a programmer, well Clockwork might just be your answer. In this talk about the language called Clockwork and describe how you can control and communicate with your robot. Clockwork is a language design to make communicating with and controlling the real world easier !!

Presented by

Mike O'Connor

Mike O'Connor is a network and software engineer with 20 years experience in the ITSP and Industrial fields. He finds that he is using open source software in every part of his professional live and has wanted to create and release a project back to the community for years. Latproc is this project.