Stemformatics Data Portal

Presented by Sadia Waleem
Monday 2:50 p.m.–3:20 p.m. in Collaborative Lecture Theatre CB11.00.405
Target audience: Community


Stemformatics is a web based pocket dictionary for stem cell researchers. Researchers can quickly and easily visualise their datasets in Stemformatics. They can benchmark their datasets against 350+ high quality, manually curated datasets. They can also use Stemformatics to look across these datasets to find interesting biological patterns. These public datasets are valuable as 29% of datasets fail our quality control. We wanted to share these datasets more with the bioinformaticians (data scientists). That is why Stemformatics come up with the idea of developing the Data Portal.

Presented by

Sadia Waleem

Sadia is a software developer. She worked as an intern in Stemformatics, where she was involved in developing the Public Data Portal system for Stemformatics for quick and easily access of high quality manually curated public datasets.