Designing scalable production Kubernetes clusters on AWS

Presented by Nick Young
Tuesday 11:15 a.m.–11:30 a.m. in Great Hall CB01.05.009
Target audience: Community


When you’re building a Kubernetes cluster that can scale, there are some ways in which your choices can affect you in ways that are not immediately obvious. This talk uses our experience in building a platform that fits as many use cases as we can find inside Atlassian to talk about how we found these limitations, what we did about them, and to build some rules of thumb for designing similar platforms. In particular, I’ll be talking about the importance of building well-demarcated layers, and the ways in which your networking decisions can introduce scaling constraints. You should come away from this talk with an understanding of why we made the decisions we did about layering and networking, and with some insights for your own Kubernetes deployments, either on AWS or elsewhere.

Presented by

Nick Young

Nick has been working to prevent the entropic downfall of systems for 20 years, across Windows and Linux, datacenters and clouds, networking, storage and compute. Currently, he's a Principal Engineer in Atlassian's Kubernetes Infrastructure Technology Team, where in addition to his primary tasks of Knight Rider puns, and Simpsons quotes, he builds Kubernetes platforms on AWS. In his spare time, he spends time with his young family, then with whatever's left he does his best to maintain his jack-of-all-geeks card, tinkering with his home setup, playing video games, watching TV movies, and anime, and reading as much as he can. Catch him on twitter @youngnick