Becoming the Admiral: mastering Docker orchestration

Presented by Alistair Chapman
Tuesday 11:35 a.m.–11:50 a.m. in Great Hall CB01.05.009
Target audience: Developer


The transition to containers may be easy enough for developers, but managing and running a fleet of hundreds or thousands of containers can be a daunting change. The “production cliff” of taking Docker from a small proof-of-concept to fully resilient production service is extremely high and often underestimated. In this talk, I will be discussing the major pitfalls to be aware of when transitioning towards containers in production, simple best practices for running production workloads and how to orchestrate new container infrastructure along with existing virtualised or bare-metal infrastructure. This won’t just be another “containers are the greatest talk” as I will cover the pitfalls, failings and downsides of running Docker-based container workloads of all types. In addition, we’ll be looking at how to test, migrate, run and monitor production services using orchestrators like Swarm, Kubernetes or OpenShift. Finally, I’ll show you how you can make use of public and hybrid cloud services to make running containerised services easier and get returns sooner.

Presented by

Alistair Chapman

Alistair Chapman is an Australian InfoSec engineer, .NET developer and technical architect. While he’s currently working at Red Hat, he’s also spent years doing everything from network engineering to DevOps consulting, governance research to embedded development. Currently, his passion is security architecture, cross-platform .NET and containerisation, and is a Microsoft .NET MVP. When not at work, Alistair is active in the .NET open-source community including maintaining Cake (a .NET Foundation project).