ReasonReact - Functional Programming for React Developers

Presented by Keira Hodgkison
Tuesday 10:55 a.m.–11:25 a.m. in Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401
Target audience: Developer


ReasonReact is a safer, simpler way to build React components, in Reason. Created by developers at Facebook, Reason is a syntax layer and toolchain for OCaml. With over 1.7 million downloads a week, React is a well established and popular tool to create component based user interfaces. By enabling React developers to leverage their existing knowledge and ecosystem, ReasonReact brings functional programming for front-end development, one step closer to widespread adoption. Since its release in March 2017, ReasonReact has progressed quickly. In this brief overview, attendees should gain an understanding of; - What ReasonML/ReasonReact is, - How the language has evolved, - Some highs and lows of getting started, as well as practical examples of ReasonReact in action.

Presented by

Keira Hodgkison

Keira is a developer at Culture Amp, an all-in-one people feedback and analytics platform. She works with a varied stack including React and Rails on solutions to help customers share, and act upon company employee engagement data. Keira is an advocate for using functional programming techniques to improve the JavaScript coding and refactoring experience. When she's not writing code, she can be found under a large cat.