Lost artist in the world of technology

Presented by Karynne Ledger
Tuesday 4:15 p.m.–4:40 p.m. in Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28
Target audience: N/A


How can the artist incorporate new technology, still be a craftsperson, and still feel justified in the creation? As an artist, chef and neophyte when it comes to technology, I questioned what some ways artists continue to hold onto their skills and redefine them using new technologies alongside traditional mark making processes. Some of these technologies make life easier and others a little more challenging, especially for the non techie, or tech geek. From these thoughts, I will be discussing some of my past projects and challenges, alongside new challenges in my new pieces.

Presented by

Karynne Ledger

Karynne is an artist, chef, educator and creative. She has been working as an artist for more years than she can count. And this can be applied to cooking as well! She accidentally fell into the electronic side with some of her creative pieces, then became excited by 3D printing. Combining all of these elements into the creative work she creates is the key.