From Blink to Throb - an exploration of hobbyist lighting projects

Presented by Peter Hardy
Tuesday 4:40 p.m.–5:05 p.m. in Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28
Target audience: N/A


The `Hello World` of the Arduino ecosystem is the `Blink` sketch, a single light blinking on and off at 0.5Hz. Most Arduino compatible boards include a built-in LED just to run it. But it's capable of an awful lot more. In this talk I'll introduce some options for creating bigger, better, funner light art using Arduino and Raspberry Pi controllers. I'll discuss some popular maker projects, and demo one or two of my own.

Presented by

Peter Hardy

By day Peter is a sysadmin, orchestrating thousands of computers running CI services for a software development company. By night he's an amateur hardware hacker, counting individual bytes in assorted Arduino based projects.