Building Indie Games through Open Source

Presented by Jon Manning
Monday 4:35 p.m.–5:10 p.m. in Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401
Target audience: Community


Open source is community-driven, while independent video games tend to focus on very small teams or individuals. While it's never been easier to get access to development tools, like Unity, Cocos 2D, or Godot, the act of creating a game remains a huge amount of effort. Getting others to help can be the difference between shipping something great, and an abandoned project. In this talk, we'll talk about how open-sourcing chunks of your game during development can both help your fellow game devs, and help you build your own game faster. We'll talk about how Night in the Woods (2017) open-sourced parts of itself during development, and discuss a workflow for continuously open-sourcing parts of your game during production.

Presented by

Jon Manning

Jon Manning is the co-founder of Secret Lab, an independent game development studio. He's written a whole bunch of books for O'Reilly Media about iOS development and game development, and has a doctorate about jerks on the internet. He's currently working on Button Squid, a top-down puzzler, and on the critically acclaimed adventure game Night in the Woods, which includes his interactive dialogue system Yarn Spinner. Jon can be found as @desplesda on Twitter.