Making noise on a zero budget: the joys of game audio.

Presented by Jody Toomey
Monday 11:55 a.m.–12:25 p.m. in Medium Lecture Theatre CB11.00.401
Target audience: Community


Audio is one of the most engaging aspects of game design that can either bring the player in to a really engaging experience or ruin all of it. This talk will look at some of the principles of game audio while relating the workflow process to the free and open source philosophy.

Presented by

Jody Toomey

Jody started producing music electronically in 1999 and released several singles before making the move in to games audio in 2015. She is a regular speaker on the game developer conference circuit discussing such topics as diversity and LGBTQIA representation in games as well as games audio, especially the concept of the sonic palette. Her specialities are electronic music, production, sound design and combatting crunch culture. In her spare time she runs a record label dedicated to supporting other transgender artists. She formed Strange Band Audio this year to provide comprehensive audio solutions to the games industry using the sonic palette as the basis for early integration and rapid prototyping for audio production.