In from the cold: Finally making Linux and .NET get along

Presented by Alistair Chapman
Monday 12:05 p.m.–12:30 p.m. in Guthrie Theatre CB06.03.28
Target audience: Developer


.NET Core has finally arrived and is soon to hit 2.0, bringing vastly improved Linux compatibility and support for more distributions. Has the promised age of truly cross-platform .NET and real Linux support finally come? This talk will be drawing on years of experience working with .NET technologies on Linux platforms (including Mono), as well as working with the latest .NET Core stack. In this session, I will be covering a brief history of .NET on Linux bringing us to today’s new cross-platform stack, including how to get started with .NET Core on Linux platforms. I’ll also be looking at how you can integrate .NET apps and services into Linux environments, including simple deployment, testing and packaging strategies, as well as looking at how to integrate .NET with common Linux services including systemd, dbus and GTK. Finally, I will be showing how to build a complete pipeline to build, deliver and run .NET apps entirely on Linux. This talk will start with the high-level essentials of working with .NET technologies on Linux while also covering the deeper technical details so is perfect for any level of Linux user, but will be especially useful to .NET users.

Presented by

Alistair Chapman

Alistair Chapman is an Australian InfoSec engineer, .NET developer and technical architect. While he’s currently working at Red Hat, he’s also spent years doing everything from network engineering to DevOps consulting, governance research to embedded development. Currently, his passion is security architecture, cross-platform .NET and containerisation, and is a Microsoft .NET MVP. When not at work, Alistair is active in the .NET open-source community including maintaining Cake (a .NET Foundation project).