User Session Recording for the Enterprise

Presented by Fraser Tweedale
Tuesday 1:40 p.m.–2:05 p.m. in Great Hall CB01.05.009
Target audience: Developer


For Open Source software to conquer the enterprise, we need to play along with government and industry regulations, and help organisations meet their security and audit requirements. Sometimes this means tracking everything a user sees and does. A flexible and scalable Open Source user session recording solution is needed. In this presentation we will discuss the limitations of existing Open Source approaches, then present the *Scribery* project, an end-to-end session recording solution with features including: - terminal session playback and real-time monitoring (including what the user sees) - centralised storage and correlation with auditd log events - centralised control of what or whom to record, via SSSD and in the future FreeIPA - Cockpit integration The presentation will include a demo of a user session being recorded, stored centrally, inspected and played back. We will look at the architecture, discuss implementation challenges, and conclude with an overview of the road ahead. The intended audience is system administrators and security officers responsible for security and compliance, and developers of security, identity and policy management systems.

Presented by

Fraser Tweedale

Fraser works at Red Hat on the FreeIPA identity management system and Dogtag Certificate System. He's interested in security, cryptography, functional programming, type theory and theorem proving. JalapeƱo aficionado.